Trek CXC Day 1

It’s Trek Cup weekend! Blake and I load up my car with what looks like a week’s worth of camping/bike racing gear and hit the road mid-day Friday. It’s a long, straight drive down 94 so we pass time talking about bikes and camping, mostly. 

We arrive at our campsite (read: RV Park) in the evening and immediately head across the path to what I can only describe as a bouncy castle-trampoline hybrid and bounce away our weary road trip legs. Blake gets a jalepeno, pineapple pizza and we fail at making a fire because everything is so wet. Finally it’s bedtime. Tomorrow we race! 

I naturally wake up at 6am after a super solid night of sleep (I just invested in a Thermarest NeoAir X Lite and it is the best thing ever) and we hop in my car to drive to the race. I’m registered for W4 Singlespeed, which is the first race of the day. Blake didn’t pre-reg and the Men’s 4/5 race is full so he quickly puts a zip tie on his bike and lines up with me at 8am for the singlespeed race. 

The course is awesome. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to pre-ride so everything was a surprise on the first lap, but it was fun nonetheless. Twisty, rutted paths cruised through the woods, open prairie, and sent riders over a giant flyover. This one seemed steeper than Green Acres CX to me and I couldn’t get enough speed on my singlespeed bike to get over it, so I ended up having to run up it, and remount at the top. Because I was the only person registered for W4 SS, I got first and my own podium, which was kinda funny, but I’m stoked on my prize of a Bontrager helmet, nonetheless! I didn’t really have anyone to compare myself to, but I was the second woman to finish and beat a couple guys so I felt good about my performance overall (I started with masters women and masters men). After our race we hang out with a bunch of other people from the Twin Cities and watch the rest of the races. The most exciting one in my opinion was the pro women’s race, which Katie Compton won, and Ellen Noble took second. Blake stealthily took a photo of Katie and I. We also searched high and low for the hosts of GCN, which were rumored to be there, but couldn’t find them. Maybe they’ll be in town for Jingle Cross?We head back to our campsite after the elite men’s race and chill in our hammocks until dinner/bonfire time with the CJC junior devo team camping next to us. The kids are all super cool and it’s fun to hear them describe how their races went. Eventually it’s time for bed. Day 2 tomorrow! 

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