Trek CXC Day 2 

I groggily wake up to my alarm going off at 6am and click my headlamp on. Time to head over to Trek for day 2 of racing. I stumble over to Blake’s hammock and sleepily poke him awake. We quickly pack up our stuff and hit the road. 

Today we actually have time to warm up and pre-ride which is nice. The course is mostly the same, but has just enough minor changes to keep things interesting. There’s also a bit more space leading up to the flyover so I can get enough speed to ride over it today! Yay! 

I’m feeling good about the course when I line up for staging and notice that there’s another woman racing singlespeed with me. We chat a bit and I learn that she did the fat bike race yesterday, but decided to go with singlespeed today. I’m happy that she’s here and grateful to have some competition. “See you on the podium!” we say to each other as the gun goes off and our race begins. 

I have a good start, staying with two other faster women from the get go. I get a little too confident on two different portions of the course and over-cook the corners, which costs me a bit of time, but I’m eventually able to catch and overtake the two masters women ahead of me, plus two masters men on lap 2. 

Like the previous day, I’m struggling with my shoes getting clogged up with mud around my cleats, making clipping in and out increasingly  difficult. As I unclip at the bottom of a hill to run back up it, my left foot gets caught in my pedal and I fall over, making a weird grunting noise on the way down. 

“Keep going! You’re way ahead!” some spectators yell at me. 

I have no idea who they’re comparing me to, but quickly do as they say. 

I lap my single speed competitor near the log stairs on my final lap and tell her, good job as I remount at the top. One day I’ll learn how to ride those, I think to myself. 

I cross the finish line and immediately rip off my now-sweaty arm warmers and gulp a bunch of water. Blake finishes shortly after me, getting second place in his field (he got third the day before). We wait around for our podiums and then wash off our bikes on our way back to the car and the 4-hour drive back home. Next weekend: Jingle Cross! 

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