4/27 Roundup

The Best Muscle Rub Ever

I picked up Ambika Herbal’s Jaya Salve almost a year ago on my honeymoon in Crested Butte. After trying out a bunch of different muscle salves over the years, this one is by far my favorite. It has a slight warming effect while the CBD oil (still illegal in some states FYI) fosters healing and recovery. I typically rub in a dab on my calves and quads before bed for ultimate relaxation. Check it out.

Saddling Up My Marketing High Horse

I really like IMBA and think they do great work. That being said, I’m feeling pretty “meh” about their whole #womensmtbday campaign. Hyper-femme branding aside, the campaign doesn’t seem like it actually does anything to address the reasons why women aren’t shredding singletrack as much as cis dudes. The symbolism of it all kind of reminds me of when mayors give an important person a “key to the city” or name a day after a deceased celebrity. To sum it up, the intention was there for sure, but the execution is lacking. Sorry, IMBA! I really do love you!

Taking the Fixie Field by Storm

I started following The Meteor // Hey Allez! after Minneapolis hometown hero, Nicole Mertz, joined. Even though they’re a relatively new team and the season is still young, all three riders are seriously CRUSHING IT. They recently took 2 podium spots at Mission Crit and are currently on their way to Brooklyn for Red Hook. Follow @sodanopop @nicole_mertz_ and @aunicornvomited to keep up with the action.


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