5/11 Roundup

The IAAF is Discriminating Against Specific WOC

I recently read this piece from Outside Online about how the IAAF is essentially lowering the testosterone threshold for women athletes who compete in a few very specific events. This act, according to sources in the article, is a thinly-veiled ploy to target and remove certain individuals (WOC) from competition, most likely because they have stereotypically “masculine” features. It’s expected to be challenged and that the challenges will hold but still, super shitty move, IAAF.


Apple is Getting into the Bike Helmet Game

I’m all for technology innovations that make cycling safer or more accessible. Recently, Apple teamed up with Lumos Helmets to add Apple Watch-synced turn signals to Lumos’ smart helmet. Basically, the watch tells your helmet which way you’re turning (aka which lights to turn on) based on hand signals. It’s less than $200, which considering how pricey many helmets are, actually seems reasonable. Learn about it here.


Literal Fire Emoji

REI recently released this sweet firefighter video that highlights the women of the industry and how they’re supporting each other. Give the podcast a listen too!


Your Dose of Instagram Positivity

I don’t actually know Pepper irl, but I love keeping up with her travels via Instagram. In addition to being an accomplished and experienced bikepacker, she is a passionate advocate for getting more FTWs on bikes. Also, her puns are better than any dad at a BBQ’s.


“What better place to be as Queer as you can possibly be than the most unapologetic environment there is: Nature.” – Zander Mcrae

Created with the goal of increasing the representation and inclusion of LGBTQ folks in the outdoors, the LGBTQ Summit is a low-cost, high-value conference that I think anyone who works in the outdoor industry should check out (Disclaimer: I’ve never been, just read reviews raving about it). Be sure to click on the “attend” link near the top of the page to be sent to the correct EventBrite page.


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