6/1 Roundup

TV That Won’t Make You Mad

While I hate being forced to stay indoors due to summer heat/humidity, that was the unfortunate reality of last weekend. Fortunately, Cory and I found this awesome xc mountain bike race to watch. Seeing the racers glide over super technical rock gardens and drops was seriously inspiring. Next time your ride is rained out or it’s just too hot to hit the singletrack, I recommend giving it a watch!

Dirty Kanza is TOMORROW

I’m not racing due to an injury (see previous blog post), but lots of my incredible FTW friends are! Riders you should follow:
Kim Marek – Koochella teammate! Kim and I use the same coach so I know she’s been training hard all spring for her inaugural DK200.
Erin Ayala – Fellow Minnesotan, has been crushing this season, she did DK100 last year and is coming back for the 200 this year.
Risa Hustad – If her impressive Hungry Bear 100 finish is any indicator, Risa is going to beat the sun at her second DK200.
Elyse Bee – Elyse is a friend I met over Instagram who’s from Louisiana. She’s been killing it at spring races and on training rides. I’ve especially enjoyed following her insightful rankings of gels.
Isabel Reyes-Todd – Another Instagram friend! Isabel is from Chicago and has been balancing working, mom-ing, and training like a BOSS. She’s going to crush her first DK200!

Sharing the Blog Love

One of my favorite cycling/nutrition blogs is, coincidentally enough, run by another cyclist from Minnesota! Cadence Kitchen includes posts with awesome meal plan ideas, racing/bike tips, training advice, #vanlife realness, and more. A must-follow for sure.

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