6/8 Roundup

Dirty Kanza Happened!

And there are a bunch of fun race reports to read! One of my favorites so far was Ayesha’s. Head over to her blog to find out how many cokes she drank.

What the Boston Marathon Can Teach Us

This NYT piece about the shit weather at this year’s Boston Marathon and the impact it had on finish rates for men and women is super interesting. The author throws out a couple theories that try to explain why way less women dropped out of the race this year then men (proportional to how many entered), but ultimately chalks it up to persevering in the face of adversity. Read it here.

The Bike Patch You Deserve

My boss and I have weirdly similar taste and were both independently going to buy this patch until we saw that we were both looking at the same thing and combined our order to split shipping costs. The patch is adorable and perfectly sums up my relationship with bikes. Order yours here!

Bros are Problematic But Check. This. Shit. Out.

Wonderfully obnoxious sunglasses brand Pit Viper pulled its sponsorship of some random rapper I’ve never heard of and the bros are FREAKING OUT. Now, I’m not going to pretend that Pit Viper as a brand is totally problem-free (they had some not-so-great social media content surrounding Cinco de Mayo a while back), but I do think they deserve a high five for this move. Also, don’t @ me about their photos of scantily-clad female models. If a woman wants to do a photoshoot (and presumably get paid) to wear nothing but an unzipped snowsuit and some sunglasses while jumping a snowmobile off the side of a mountain, that’s cool. If said sunglasses company gives her more exposure (aka more business) by reposting her photo with her permission, that’s cool too.

Edit: They took down the post and I sent them an email asking why. Basically, they took it down because a bunch of rape apologists were taking over the comments section and they didn’t want to give those guys (they were all men) a platform to spout their awful opinions. As someone who also has experience managing social media accounts, this seems like the best solution for the time being. Side note: I wish Pit Viper had prescription options!


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