All-City Velodrome Article

Knowing that I had track racing experience, All-City Cycles approached me with the idea of writing a tribute piece to the NSC Velodrome in Blaine, MN. The goal of the piece was to commemorate a cornerstone of our local cycling community, while keeping in mind that most of All-City’s readers are not intimately familiar with track racing, let alone our specific velodrome.

My creative brief included direction to cover the current state of track cycling, the history of track cycling, the community at the NSC Velodrome, my own experience with track cycling, and what the future of track cycling in MN looks like. As a result, the final piece ended up being close to 2,500 words and split into two parts. I spent ten hours on interviews and thirty hours writing, editing, revising, and researching.

Here’s a link to part one.

Here’s a link to part two.

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